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The following is the PVIFA Table that shows the values of PVIFA for interest rates ranging from 1% to 30% and for number of periods ranging from 1 to 50. Reference this content, page, or tool as: "PVIFA Calculator (High Precision)" at https://miniwebtool.com/pvifa-calculator/ from miniwebtool, https://miniwebtool.com/ Related Miniwebtools:

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Here is an example of how you can use the PVIF and the formula to calculate the present value of a future sum of money. Let's say that Company X is set to receive $100,000 in five years' time. The current discount rate is 5%. With this information, and using the formula laid out above, we can make the calculation. PVIF = 100,000 / (1+0.05)5.

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Present Value Interest Factor Table (PVIFA) The factor used to calculate present value of series of annuity payments known as Present Value Interest Factor of annuity (PVIFA). Along with this, it is a number through which the present value of a series of payment is represented.

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PVIFA Formula. To determine the present value interest factor of an annuity, use this simple formula: PVIFA = \frac {1 โˆ’ (1 + r)^ {โˆ’n}} {r} P V I F A = r1 โˆ’ (1 + r)โˆ’n. For example, let's say you're considering investing in an annuity that pays 5% interest for 10 years, what is the PVIFA? PVIFA = \frac {1 โˆ’ (1 + 0.05)^ {โˆ’10}} {0..

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8.1107. 7.7219. PVIFA Formula example: Consider an example when a person is investing in an annuity with an interest rate of 2% per year. He receives a total of 9 annual payments. The present value interest factor of the annuity can be calculated from the PVIFA formula, PVIFA = {1- (1+r) -n }/r. Hence the value will be, PVIFA = {1- (1+2) -9 }/2.

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The present value interest factor (PVIF) is a formula used to estimate the current worth of a sum of money that is to be received at some future date. PVIFs are often presented in the form of a.

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PVIF Calculator is an online tool used to calculate PVIF or Present Value Interest Factor of a single dollar, rupee, etc. PVIF is used to determine the future discounted rate of a selected value as well as the current value of a particular series for a set number of periods.

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1 single cash flows. Formula: FV = (1 + k)^n Period (n) / per cent (k) 1% 1.0100 1.0201 1.0303 1.0406 1.0510 1.0615 1.0721 1.0829 1.0937 1.1046 1.1157 1.1268 1.1381 1.1495 1.1610 1.1726 1.1843 1.1961 1.2081 1.2202 1.2324 1.2447 1.2572 1.2697 1.2824 2%

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Calculator Use. PVIF calculator to create a printable present value of $1 table. Present value is calculated from the formula. PV = FV (1 + i)n โ‡’ PV = $1 (1 + i)n P V = F V ( 1 + i) n โ‡’ P V = $ 1 ( 1 + i) n. where PV is the present value, FV is the future value = $1, i is the interest rate in decimal form and n is the period number.


The present value interest factor of an annuity is a factor that can be used to calculate the present value of a series of annuities when it is multiplied by the recurring payment amount.

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Thus, if you expect to receive 5 payments of $10,000 each and use a discount rate of 8%, then the factor would be 4.3121 (as noted in the table below in the intersection of the "8%" column and the "n" row of "5". You would then multiply the 4.3121 factor by $10,000 to arrive at a present value of the annuity of $43,121.

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Cite Table of contents: What is PVIFA? PVIFA formula How to use the PVIFA calculator? An example PVIFA table FAQ If you have a choice between a massive sum of money or an annuity, and you're not sure which one to pick, this PVIFA calculator is your new best friend.